To Transform the Resident Experience.

It's how we stay true to ourselves. Through Lev Living's innovation, cities find themselves a new future in which the tenets of sustainability, wellness and people-oriented initiatives spread a higher, healthier ideal. And it all starts inside, in your community.

Each home is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and the building's infrastructure incorporates the latest technologies. From water-leak prevention and access controls, to solar panels and heat pumps that feed renewable energy into the homes, our master-planned projects introduce into the Canadian economy a global standard of ecological and human responsibility—all in the service of our residents.

We Power New Environments.

Lev Living group of companies created wind parks In the U.K and Scotland, and a solar park in Israel, each generating enough electricity to service their surrounding areas without burdening the supply of natural, non-renewable resources.

The responsibility we have towards our clients drives us further than any before in reimagining their surroundings. Whether it be smart technology that enhances the everyday, or geothermal energy that lowers the cost of utilities, Lev Living’s pursuit of innovation makes cities look, sound and feel more like home.

Innovation through Construction.

Well versed in the latest hardware, cloud-based software and 4D simulators, we output high-quality drawings to catalyse productivity and eliminate dilatory procedures. Employing Mixed Reality allows our clients to harness a technology that merges the real and virtual worlds to see the existing space overlaid with holographic data from a 3D model.

Our specialized teams leverage innovative project planning systems to manage, schedule and monitor progress on an as-built, real-time basis. Headed by proactive management, following a wealth of data and analytics, they collaborate in design, iterate models and coordinate timelines—all while upholding the highest quality of construction that each client deserves.


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