Our Global Umbrella.

Through our ownership, Lev is affiliated with several prominent global organizations. These relationships provide Lev with management synergies, operational know-how and knowledge spillover.

Koler builders

LEV is seamlessly, vertically integrated with construction manager KOLER Builders, allowing for extensive ‘one-stop’ expertise throughout the development and construction management process.
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LEV and KOLER work closely on all facets of the project – eliminating ambiguity while ensuring effective time and cost management. KOLER’s expertise in methods, costs, scheduling and design alternatives ensures operational excellence.

KOLER’s approach is comprised of fixed agendas and weekly reports, project deliverables and proactive management. We understand the importance of producing value within budget and on schedule, which is why, more than creating exceptional buildings, we make time. Connected through technology, our specialized teams use their expertise and innovative project planning software to keep mobilized, productive, and predictable.

Team project experience includes:

  • Fairmont Hotel and Resort - US $230M
  • Bianca Condominium - $85M
  • Perspective Condo - $70M
  • Yorkville Plaza North Tower - $85M
  • 200 Cumberland St. - $100M
  • Market Wharf Phase - $100M
  • St. Thomas Condominium, Toronto - $100M
  • Sheraton Centre, Toronto - US$65M

Valor Byron Real Estate Group

With 12 active projects and over 11.2M square feet of active developments across Israel, Valor Byron Real Estate Group has pioneered Urban Renewal.
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Valor Byron Real Estate Group is transforming outdated industrial, commercial, and corporate areas into modern, advanced mixed-use buildings for commerce, residences, hotels, and cultural activities.

We promote large-scale projects in super-tall multi-use towers. Our urban concept is based on the Vertical Cities approach and a ‘city in 15 minutes’ urban planning philosophy. We understand that modern buildings should satisfy the needs of its residents and adapt to life in the digital age while considering the needs of the future.

Dun & Bradstreet has included our group in the prestigious Dun’s 100 index, highlighting our organizations leading practice and performance within the Israeli economy.

Muirhall Energy

Muirhall Energy is a leading developer of renewable energy projects, based in South Lanarkshire.
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Led and managed by a dynamic team, Muirhall has constructed over 140MW of onshore wind projects across the UK, with over 1.2GW either consented or in planning.

Our projects are making a significant contribution to Scottish and UK Government climate change targets and providing local communities with funds to invest in the opportunities that matter to them. Furthermore, Muirhall’s policy of implementing substantial Initial Investment Funds have contributed to numerous community-led projects and initiatives, funding everything from sports teams to community transport.


Triple+ is an innovative and leading manufacturer and marketer of products and services within the IoT (Internet of Things) arena.
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Triple+ offers groundbreaking solutions for water leak damage prevention in small to large-scale properties. The Triple+ line of products is based on proprietary technologies. This includes battery operated, wireless water leak sensors, repeaters, irrigation controllers, hubs and shutoff units that enable the automated control of water. The Triple+ Central Monitoring Station is the only service of its kind in the market to protect an unlimited number of systems from a single dashboard. Triple+ end-to-end services are available worldwide and the company holds offices in the USA, Canada and Israel.


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