Client Care

Underneath LEV Living is a service pedigree that has been cultivated for years. The relationships developed, the expertise of our various property management teams, the community-first approach—they all go towards creating an environment of client care and customer satisfaction.

Whether guiding you for the first time into the world of LEV Living, or supporting you during the aftercare stage, we make our clients the centre around which our services revolve. In standing by them, we stand by the community we have created together.

  • Robust negotiation with service providers ensures the most economic rates.
  • Complete transparency in communication delivers a personal experience.
  • Dedicated timelines for maintenance requests lead to efficient resolutions.
  • Strong warranty periods of up to seven years guard and preserve the quality of each home.

Every new homeowner who joins our neighbourhoods helps, in their own way, to create a vibrant community of empathetic, socially responsible people. We developed our After-Sales Service Policy because of this, to ensure that homeowners joining our communities can adapt quickly, understand the warranties provided, and facilitate the immediate resolution of their warranty claims.

When you have teams willing and able to help you every day and in any way they can, you cannot help but feel that you belong here.


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