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LEV Living is a new approach, an entirely different perspective. We shape the cityscapes, lifestyles and experiences of countries in North America, Europe and Asia with it. Incorporating these different cultures and outlooks, their diverse technologies and systems, our master-planned communities, multi-family homes and retirement residences take on a worldly view. The principle: we build inside out, which means everything begins and ends with you.

Inside out is a return to the individual, to create spaces that nurture the best possible life. Even as their wants change and needs grow, our residents find what they are looking for with us, because LEV Living builds for life’s every stage.

From home to city, individual to family, Inside out, through and through.

“What distinguishes LEV Living is a natural understanding of the client—this cannot be learned. I have lived in a multi-family condominium as a child, a young professional and now as a husband with a family. With that, we use the strength of our resources and expertise to make sure our clients’ residences fulfill their every spoken and unspoken need. Just as a home should.”

- Yaniv Geler

Founder and CEO, LEV Living




Great design evokes a feeling. It starts with programing and operating each home to the highest standard imaginable; then curating a unique collection of amenities to enhance that particular experience; then constructing a unique community which seamlessly integrates into its city, so that in each residence there is at the same time something remarkably new and comfortably familiar.


More than condominiums, LEV Living shapes expectations. Our years of experience in the industry, coupled with an innate understanding of our clients, means that we treat each of our homeowners as a friend, helping them navigate the homebuying journey on a personal level. You feel at home before you even open the door.



Disruption comes before contentment. LEV Living disrupts the design and scope of what is traditionally taken as a community or condominium. Our clients gain peace of mind knowing that here is group of people in whom they can trust and feel secure. Our relationship with them begins even before they have purchased a home, and continues long after they have moved in.


Belonging means connectedness, a sense of unity, of feeling at home, of arrival, a continuous empowerment in being part of something greater where everyone shares the same ambitions and imagines the same hopeful future. This is the essence of family, and the making of a community.


We offer you, the three
syllables of happiness:


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